genealogy of the rae, white, jago families
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Plymouth, Devon, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHAPMAN, Ernest John  1881Plymouth, Devon, England P369
2 COLE, Elizabeth  Abt 1846Plymouth, Devon, England P760
3 COLE, John  Abt 1841Plymouth, Devon, England P761
4 FIELD, Arthur Edward  28 Jul 1900Plymouth, Devon, England P755
5 JAGO, Frank Lawrence  Abt 1898Plymouth, Devon, England P108
6 JAGO, Harry  Abt 1898Plymouth, Devon, England P103
7 JAGO, John  Abt 1740Plymouth, Devon, England P112
8 JAGO, Lily M  Abt 1895Plymouth, Devon, England P102
9 JAGO, Maud Maria  Abt 1870Plymouth, Devon, England P101
10 KENDALL, Annie I  Abt 1861Plymouth, Devon, England P294
11 KENDALL, Charles F  Abt 1856Plymouth, Devon, England P331
12 KENDALL, Elias C  Abt 1864Plymouth, Devon, England P293
13 KENDALL, Eliza G  Abt 1858Plymouth, Devon, England P330
14 KENDALL, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1853Plymouth, Devon, England P332
15 KENDALL, Emma Jane  Abt 1850Plymouth, Devon, England P333
16 KENDALL, Robert Dustin  1829Plymouth, Devon, England P308
17 KENDALL, William H  Abt 1861Plymouth, Devon, England P329
18 MANLEY, Graham  26 May 1939Plymouth, Devon, England P1078
19 PEDERICK, Charlotte  30 Jan 1814Plymouth, Devon, England P826
20 RADMORE, Emma Sarah Bennett  Mar 1848Plymouth, Devon, England P66
21 RADMORE, Walter Richard Westcott  1846Plymouth, Devon, England P64
22 RUSE, Mabel V R  Dec 1919Plymouth, Devon, England P250
23 RUSE, Robert  24 Sep 1849Plymouth, Devon, England P954
24 RUSE, Samuel George  Apr 1892Plymouth, Devon, England P251
25 ST JOHN, Rosalie  5 Jan 1897Plymouth, Devon, England P191
26 SYMONS, Peter James  22 Feb 1946Plymouth, Devon, England P273
27 TOMS, Adeliza I  Abt 1858Plymouth, Devon, England P821
28 TOMS, Alfred  Abt 1858Plymouth, Devon, England P828
29 TOMS, Byron  Abt 1855Plymouth, Devon, England P816
30 TOMS, Carolin C.  Abt 1866Plymouth, Devon, England P825
31 TOMS, Caroline  Abt 1843Plymouth, Devon, England P819
32 TOMS, Charles Joseph  Mar 1871Plymouth, Devon, England P382
33 TOMS, Charles M  Abt 1857Plymouth, Devon, England P832
34 TOMS, Charlotte  Abt 1852Plymouth, Devon, England P823
35 TOMS, Edward B  Abt 1860Plymouth, Devon, England P822
36 TOMS, Eliza Elizabeth  1868Plymouth, Devon, England P383
37 TOMS, Elizabeth Ellen  2 May 1883Plymouth, Devon, England P258
38 TOMS, Emily Baxzie  4 Jul 1880Plymouth, Devon, England P257
39 TOMS, Esther  1854Plymouth, Devon, England P384
40 TOMS, Frances  Abt 1856Plymouth, Devon, England P815
41 TOMS, Frederick  Abt 1854Plymouth, Devon, England P829
42 TOMS, Hedley A  Abt 1864Plymouth, Devon, England P827
43 TOMS, Henry  Abt 1845Plymouth, Devon, England P814
44 TOMS, Henry  Abt 1854Plymouth, Devon, England P830
45 TOMS, James  Abt 1846Plymouth, Devon, England P818
46 TOMS, John  Abt 1887Plymouth, Devon, England P535
47 TOMS, John Henry  Abt 1886Plymouth, Devon, England P254
48 TOMS, John Henry R  Abt 1825Plymouth, Devon, England P256
49 TOMS, Josiah  Abt 1849Plymouth, Devon, England P812
50 TOMS, Julia  Abt 1852Plymouth, Devon, England P831

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAN, Arthur Edward  1944Plymouth, Devon, England P457
2 BROOKSHAW, William John  Sep 1917Plymouth, Devon, England P342
3 CHAPMAN, Ernest John  Mar 1927Plymouth, Devon, England P369
4 ELLIOTT, Albert Edward  11 Nov 1911Plymouth, Devon, England P67
5 HORSWILL, Cynthia Enid  17 Nov 2008Plymouth, Devon, England P93
6 HOSKING, Maria Jane  Dec 1916Plymouth, Devon, England P953
7 JAGO, Walter Stewart  1 Jul 1929Plymouth, Devon, England P110
8 KENDALL, Daniel John  1973Plymouth, Devon, England P143
9 KENDALL, Harriet Armada  Dec 1985Plymouth, Devon, England P146
10 LANGLOIS, John David  6 June 1984Plymouth, Devon, England P161
11 MANLEY, Graham  06 May 2002Plymouth, Devon, England P1078
12 MANLEY, William John Victor  04 Oct 1989Plymouth, Devon, England P1077
13 PAGE, Reginald Arthur  2 Sep 1957Plymouth, Devon, England P15
14 PAGE, Stanley George  1970Plymouth, Devon, England P12
15 RADMORE, Richard Robert  2 Aug 1939Plymouth, Devon, England P56
16 ST JOHN, Rosalie  Jun 1974Plymouth, Devon, England P191
17 SYMONS, Reginald G  Jun 1966Plymouth, Devon, England P940
18 TOMS, Cyril  Jun 1993Plymouth, Devon, England P376
19 TOMS, Elfrida Gladys  Oct 1995Plymouth, Devon, England P373
20 TOMS, Elizabeth Ellen  Jun 1978Plymouth, Devon, England P258
21 TOMS, Emily Baxzie  1924Plymouth, Devon, England P257
22 TOMS, George Robert  Aug 1991Plymouth, Devon, England P374
23 TOMS, Robert Henry  1964Plymouth, Devon, England P186
24 WINTERBOURNE, Ernest Cyril Frank  9 Oct 2006Plymouth, Devon, England P239


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ELLIOTT / ORCHARD  Dec 1846Plymouth, Devon, England F2
2 TOMS / WYATT  1879Plymouth, Devon, England F62


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 RAE / JAGO  21 Feb 1949Plymouth, Devon, England F32